mobile rack agestar sr3p sw 3f sata black

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Provides storage for up to two 2.5" SATA-I or SATA-II hard disks - Fast access speeds - up to 3Gbps for SATA-II and up to 1.5Gbps for SATA-I - Supports but does not implement RAID - you'll need a RAID card or RAID capable motherboard for that - Features a tool-free trayless design complete with HotSwap support so swapping or adding drives takes literally seconds - And with room for 1 or 2 disks you have configuration options as determined by your controller: JBOD JBOD/RAID or RAID - Each drive simply slides in and is secured in place by the each door's locking mechanism - Support Windows Vista/XP/2000/98SE/ME/Mac9.3 or above - Package includes: - 1 * Dual 2.5" SATA enclosure - 2 * SATA Data cables - 2 * patented molex to SATA power cables (with LED leads) - 4 * Screws for mounting backplane in your case - 1 * English Manual

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