tjc 022 4 in 1 3 4 6 ceramic knives peeler set red

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Brand TJC Model TJC-007 Quantity 1 piece(s) per pack Color Black + white Material High-tech ceramic blade (the blade point adopts zirconia nano ceramic material which can prevent the blade from rusting and keep it sharp forever definitely environmental friendly) Specification It is made from high-tech zirconia material with high density and high hardness; it is indestructible with hardness(HRA87) ranking only second to diamond and its abrasive resistance is the 60 times of metal knife; It maintains the original color and flavor of food and help clients enjoy the taste of food without any chemical reaction with food; Good performance:with its high compactness smoothness and cleanness its knife face is not easy to produce bacteria; it is neat and tidy to cut fish meat fruit vegetables and so on; It is antibacterial antifouling and easy to clean; Elegant appearance: its appearance is as soft and glossy as jade with delicate texture and noble enjoyment. Other Features 1 x 6" ceramic knife (Total length: 28.5cm blade length: 15cm thickness: 1.9~2.1mm width: 3.5cm weight: 144g); 1 x 6" ceramic cleaver knife (Total length: 27.5cm blade length: 15cm thickness: 2.5mm width: 5cm weight: 170g); 1 x 4" ceramic knife (Total length: 21.5cm blade length: 10.5cm thickness: 1.7~1.8mm width: 2.2cm weight: 53g); 1 x Peeler (Length: 13.2cm height: 1.5cm width 5cm weight: 22g) Packing List 1 x 4'' Paring knife 1 x 6'' Cleaver knife 1 x 6'' Chef knife 1 x Peeler 1 x Holder

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