vina ups 001 intelligent 4 port usb 2 0 fast charger

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6-Port Smart Charger, Multiple Devices Charged Simultaneously 2 QC2.0 ports and 4 Super Charge ports whose single port is up to 5V2.4A pump out 50W, which makes it fully charge a phone in 2 hours, a tablet in 3 - 4 hours, charging fast and stable. QC2.0 Port, Supplement 60% Energy in 30 Min Built-in QC2.0 technology can change current or voltage output and increase power to achieve the fastest charging status, charging speed improving 75% in theory. Being tested, QC2.0 charges 3300mAh battery taking 30 min to supplement 60% energy. The Era of QC2.0, Prior to the Era, Perfect Matching QC2.0 era is coming, and there are many devices supporting QC2.0 protocol on the market but no QC2.0 charger to match them, so ORICO QC2.0 charger is necessary to you. QC2.0 + Super Charge Dual Smart Charging Technology, Better Than the Original QC2.0 technology automatically recognizes QC2.0 devices and delivers 1.5A current when detecting 12V, delivers 2A current when detecting 9V, delivers 2A current when detecting 5V, every frequency band keeps fast charging. Super Charge technology can detect and deliver ideal current for attached de 2.8A Current Control, Prevent Over Charging, Avoid Danger A current control circuit only approves a current whose value is under 2.8A for each port and USB stops output once out of range, helping to defend the integrity of devices and avoid accidents. Specification Port 6 USB Charging Ports Output 2 x QC2.0 (5V2.4A,9V2A,12V1.5A); 4 x 5V2.4A; 5V10A 50W Max Input AC 100-240V 50/60HZ 1.4A Max Circuit Protection Over Current Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, etc. Dimension 100 x 70 x 28mm Compatibility 5V USB-enabled devices such as cellphone, tablet, power bank, bluetooth speaker, etc.

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